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Slow Tourism

What could be better than La Creuse for Slow Tourism?

Le slow tourisme is the art of traveling while taking your time, to fully immerse yourself in nature and a rich heritage, with respect for the territory and its inhabitants.

"Slow" tourism is an alternative tourism choice to mass tourism. It is part of the family of sustainable tourism, different from traditional tourism by emphasizing respect for the environment.

Slow Tourism is a real state of mind: listening to nature, consuming local products, promoting less polluting transport by favoring clean travel such as on foot, by bicycle ... or even on horseback.

This offers the possibility of discovering new, improbable places of which the Creuse is rich.

Taking your time is an excellent way to de-stress from everyday life, to regulate your internal clock which is damaged during the year, which is why you will find at Camping La Perle a space entirely dedicated to well-being and nature.

It is also to meet people, stop in places that we are not used to visiting, go to meet the inhabitants to get to know better, discuss and have a real point of view on their life. .

This is why Camping La Perle offers you partnerships with the Aubusson Tapestry Museums, local producers of beef, cheese, etc., not to mention the famous Creusois hazelnut cake.